100vh hero leading to squished elements on short screen (desired responsive design mockups attached) -- vertical breakpoints?

Hello community! :wave:

Would love your help with this for the company homepage above the fold.

These are the desired designs:

What I have in Webflow works alright responsively on horizontal breakpoints:

When the browser or device screen is narrow on desktop, however, everything overlaps.

How do I get it so that when the viewport is narrow, the testimonial section at the bottom hides? And if the viewport is super narrow, then the 100vh no longer applies and the content is essentially cut off?

In other words, I would like it so that when possible, the top hero section (text + image) and the fixed height bottom hero section (testimonials) show up, but when the screen gets vertically narrower, the bottom hero section (testimonials) are no longer in the 100vh and go away.

Are there vertical breakpoints in Webflow?

Thank you in advance for your help! :pray:


You need a deep class of responsiveness, and if you donโ€™t mind, I could teach you via G-meet.

Contact me through LinkedIn.