1 px white line at the bottom of some pages

I just finished a new website and I have this weird 1 pixel white line at the bottom of the footer on some of the pages. I don’t know what causes this and I can not figure it out. My footer is a symbol, so it is not like each page has a different footer.

Can anybody help me? My brain stopped working…

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi cakeantidote,

I tried to replicate your issue but can’t seem to see it here. Are you seeing this in both the editor and the live site? You also said you see it on ‘some of the pages’, can you let me know which pages you see the issue on? And does it happen on all breakpoints?

If you open the site and right-click / inspect element on the footer, this should lead you pretty quickly to where that white space lies, so you can correct it in the design. I’d be happy to look as well, of course, as soon as I can reproduce the issue.

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Thank you for your reply, Chris!

For example the white line shows on these pages: Home, Offerings, Journal,

And the white line doesn’t show on these pages: About, Portfolio, For Photographers, Inquiry, CMS pages, Site Credits, etc

I forgot to mention, the 1px white line doesn’t show on the Webflow Editor. It only shows on live pages.

And yes, it happens on different breakpoints.

Any idea what causes this? I might be missing small detail?

Interesting. I went to your published webflow.io domain for this site and I’m still not seeing the white line. Does it happen if you open in a private / incognito window? I’m wondering if there’s an extension causing some weirdness. Can you tell me what browser and device you’re using?

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I’ve checked it on both .com and webflow.io domain, it is the same. The browsers I’ve checked it on are Chrome, Safari, Edge. And I’ve checked on desktop, tablet and phone. All the same results.