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Zoom in on Image

I need to have the ability to click and zoom in on an image similair to how a lot of the clothing industry websites have on their product pages.

Has anyone done this on Webflow?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can see a great example of what I am trying to accomplish by visiting the link below.


Looks like this could do the trick for you:

This one, in particular, seems similar to how Everlane is doing it:


So from my understanding I would create an image with the id of zoom_01, and then place this in the data? (data-zoom-image=large/image1.jpg) ?

Then add this to the custom code section: $("#zoom_01").elevateZoom();

?? - is that right?

@cyberdave - can you share your wealth of knowledge on this one?

I want to accomplish this:

Here is what I have on Webflow:

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