You are not currently logged in - 2022

I am currently experiencing an error that is making Webflow almost unusable for me. Every few minutes, the designer will log me out giving me the error message “You are not currently logged in”.

I’ve searched the Forums and all I could find was tips to clear my browser cache & cookies, change my password or verify that I am not logged in on any other devices. I’ve checked and applied all these solutions without any luck, I still constantly get logged out.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue and/or has found a solution for this?
I am just about to throw my computer out the window.
Please send help.

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Welcome to the community @Gabriel-Dufresne :wave:

Not sure if this was one of your troubleshooting steps, but have you tried disabling all of your browser extensions (or using an incognito window) to see if that resolves the problem?