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Wrong bg-color when site loads

I guess it’s an easy fix but I’m missing something.
I want my “l-nav-container home” class to start with transparent bg. I have one page scroll interaction and tried to set initial state to “transparent” and set bg color to transparent in the style tab.
For some reason I can see background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); (inline) when the page loads.
The intended interaction is to have transparent bg on load and then white bg with scroll interaction.
Any ideas?


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Why not set the background color to transparent at rest. Then when scrolled change it. You are seeing the default state then the interaction manipulating it from that state.

Well, maybe I didn’t explain properly the interaction. I’m going to try again with your advice and the brain working again :slight_smile:
The interaction would be: Initial state is background transparent. When scroll down nav changes opacity to 0. When scroll up nav goes to opacity to 1.
The problem was that I was getting an initial animation on load that changed background color.
I want my background color to start transparent to avoid seeing it hiding on the first scroll on top of the page. It would be easier if my nav bg wasn’t the parent of the whole nav I guess.
Second round, going to try a few things.
Thanks for your answer.

Not sure if my last post was a reply to you.
However I was thinking that my initial state is background-color: transparent; (at least on webflow interactions) and even the background color is transparent too in the style tab.
Maybe I’m missing something.