Workspace removed made unable to reach support

I accidentally archived my workspace and I am unable to reach support to recover it.
Please help, I’ve lost a website.

Kind of funny if you think about it, but eegs.
If you try to login how is there an unarchive option?

Worse case you can create a free workspace under a different email just to message support.

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Good idea, I can reach them using my other account and explain the situation. Thank you!

This is how it looks, the instruction for recovering an archived workspace was to contact the support.

PS: I am affraid to just create a new workspace and make the problem bigger.

Hi! Did you manage to restore it in the end?

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Yes, I contacted support using another account and they restored my workspace. :slight_smile:

Hey I just archived my website and unable to get it back how did you get yours back?Please help me