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Working with Webflow-API in Webflow?

So I’m Building a automatic proposal generator in webflow. I’m currently creating all proposals as cms collections in the designer. Like this:

But I want other people in my team to be able to create proposals aswell. I want a form on a password protected site. That is linked to the cms collection in the same project. The form should create a new collection and publish it when submited. I put this together quickly and connected it with zapier. The problem im encountering is that the collections have to be manually published after being created.

I am really new to working with api:s aswell as javascript & Json. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction here. Some good tutorials on api integration with js for example. Im a bit lost here.

Hey @felix_hellstrom

In Zapier, are you using the action called create live item? Using this instead of the create item action should immediately publish that item to the site without for manually publishing.

Let me know if that solves your issue or not.

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Hey Matthew! Thanks for the quick response. I was actually searching for exactly this option after reading the Api documentation. But it must be getting late because now that you pointed it out it is really obvious where it is, haha.

Thanks again.

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