Working with classes... best practice?

Hi Folks - what are the collective opinions on working with classes?

I have a bad habit of editing components on a page without realising it’s having an effect elsewhere across the site. What is best practice? - adding a sub-class before editing?



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Stacking up sub-classes would eventually be a nightmare to maintain.

Here are best practices that help;

  • use a naming convention like Client First so that it’s obvious to you what you’re affecting.
  • check the indicator next to classes “used on X other pages”, to make it clear to you what’s impacted.
  • create a style guide for the main reused things… your titles, styled rich text elements, etc. You can make changes on that page to see things like “what happens if I increase the H2 padding inside of these classed rich text elements?”

It’s weird to get used to at the beginning but soon you’ll realize that design is a superpower that makes site builds so much quicker and more consistent.

@memetican - this is great insight, many thanks for taking the time to provide such a considered reply :slight_smile:

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Eh, the school of hard knocks.
My first 3 Webflow sites were crap. :roll_eyes: