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Wobble effect in Webflow

Can one achieve something like this in Webflow:


Hi Yaron

Read this thread

I Think You’ll find what You looking for :slight_smile:

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hi @shokoaviv
tnx for your quick reply, but thats not what I meant. In the link I attached please notice the image at the top right of the screen. There is an effect on the mask of the image. They seemed to do it with svg manipulation. I know how to create mouse interaction in Webflow but I dont know how to manipulate svg elements. Do you have any idea how to approach this?

I think this is a svg file that responds to mouse movement. This is done with the embedded code element.

Try this

A great tool that let you import vectorized elements into stage manipulate (position, size, opacity etc.) thru key frame and export the cod, then you can embed the code within your project. Hope that will help :slight_smile: