Wizardry by T.Ricks - responsive issues

Hello Everyone,

my hope to get some help. I used the wizardry method first time and the behaviour is very strange.

Code was set up accordingly to the instructions based on 1440px Design. It should stop scaling up at 1920px. I only use em, %, VW and VH for the elements. So far so good.

When I am scaling down everything seems to work fine… Once I am hitting a higher Resolution eg 3000px some elements scale properly some don´t.
Interestingly in my “Stylesheet” - it works fine with scaling up and down at least for Text content and the Lotti. If I am copying same element (Sections) from my stylesheet into my “home” dimensions break up - even though its the same setup (embedded Code and elemts from Stylesheet page). Any idea?

Here is my site Read-Only: Read only link

here is the current state: https://interchord.webflow.io/