Wizard-style card deck for service selection

I’m building a “service finder” solution that will help customers choose the services package they want.

The decision process is organised as a simple hierarchy of questions, depending on the answer to each question, we navigate down the tree until we reach the appropriate service package.

I’m open to UI options, currently looking at a simple card-deck style, with only one card showing at a time. Each card contains;

  1. A question
  2. A two or three answer-buttons (which navigate to a new card)
  3. A back button, and/or start over button

Has anyone found a better visual UI for this, than a card deck?

If I go with a card deck, what JQuery UI would work best?
Looking at the WF Slider, I can hide the navigation elements, but I don’t see any reference on how to navigate to a specific slide, e.g. slider1.navTo(‘slideName’);