Wish List: Add Dates to Tutorials


It would be great if the online tutorials had publication dates, so users could be prepared for tutorials that might be out-of-date. (Sometimes the UI in the tutorials doesn’t match the UI in the current version of Webflow.)

It would also help users choose between resources. When searching the forum, search results show dates, which helps when figuring out which old posts to read. Adding dates to tutorials would provide the same usability.

is this what you are referring to?

Apparently, some, but not all have dates…

This is what I’m referring to:

I don’t even see how to navigate to Home > Docs…

There is no “Docs” link on this page: http://help.webflow.com/

Is there another Home page with a “Docs” link?

Hello, @tkister. It is FAQ folder.

ah. thanks for the screenshot. I’ll work on adding dates shortly. :smile: