Why is my site not responsive on mobile portrait view? The elements are too large to view

I have zero experience with coding however have been able to create some basic landing pages with Webflow.
That being said I have run into this obstacle I can’t seem to overcome.

When my landing page loads in portrait on mobile it loads larger than what can be seen in the page.
In order for the user to view the webpage they must make the size smaller to view the landing page in it’s proper size. How can I fix my landing page so it will load up in the proper size for viewing?

Here is a visual of how it loads up:

Here is what it looks like after the user resizes the page:

My read only site link:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @jonbross,

I had a quick look and it seems there is a lot (a lot!) of hazardous margins and negative margins going on…
I recommend you watch this to have a better idea of how to build your site structure.




It’s true that Webflow is a visual website building tool, but it doesn’t mean you should just tweak things as you go until it looks good. PLAN before you start any project!

Learn about the box model and how spacing works.

Use margins and paddings with care. Use position very very sparingly.
And NEVER set a default value again. Default = 0, you want value 0? Don’t edit it. Same for value Auto or any other value for that matter.

Now, try to remove all those settings i talked about above for each element, and rethink them carefully. Use pen and paper if you must.

Also learn flexbox, helps A LOT.


And never ever hesitate to ask for help here in the forum. We are glad to help and teach everyone.


Best of luck,
Anna K


Thank you for the great suggestions!

Welcome @jonbross :slight_smile:

I’ve been there, so I understand the frustration. But I taught myself and I’m learning each day. Having a beautiful and clean design isn’t enough. Clean code helps us maintain our work much more easily as well. So, learn you craft each day. And practice will teach you the most.

Best of luck,
Anna K

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