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Why is focued state only on second click, not first click?

This is a real head scratcher:

Search function works as intended except for auto focused state

<!-- Start Search Auto Focus v1 --> 
<!-- End Search Auto Focus -->

ive traied various combinations of .class / #id selectors, always with same result, focus on second click.

It only Autofocuses on SECOND Search button click:

I dont know why, lol. It works that way on two other projects on first click.

IO Link:
Share Link (Be sure to turn off preview then turn it back on) : Webflow - DeepDiv Iteration V3

I need to understand why it only works on seond toggle click but not first toggle click.


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Cross project copy paste containing IX double toggles might be bugged because its reversing the click order in IX2. This might be the cause. How do you reverse it?