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Why is email form field accepting incorrect email addresses?

The support form on this page,, is allowing form submissions to be submitted when data in the email address is not in a correct email format. For example, it allowed me to submit a test submission with the email address nicky2@gmailcom (notice the lack of a period before com).

This throws an error in Mailchimp and doesn’t accept the form submission.

I have the input field assigned as “Email” and yet it accepts incorrect email formatting. Can someone at Webflow speak to why this is occurring and help me get it fixed or give me an ETA for a fix? Thanks much!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

This is not a BUG, so topic changed to design help -> custom code. The validation (HTML5 input type=“email”) is happening only on the client side, not server and Webflow does not provide server side validation. BTW: email@domain is a valid email address according to the RFC, so mailchimp has it wrong. In practice you won’t see one since it is discouraged. You can use regex pattern if you want, since that is supported by HTML5, but I would caution against it since they are notoriously easy to screw up and inadvertently block legitimate email inputs. You could also opt to use custom code to alert the user when the email does not look right so they could correct it.

You can learn more about this here ->

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