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Why does slider skip 1 slide on mobile?


why is the slider on the bottom (with testimonials) skipping slides on mobile (every 3rd slide gets skipped when you click the arrows)

Read only link below


You didn’t posted the Read-only link. Please fix it so we can take a look.

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Because the width of each slide is not a factor of the width of the slider itself.

Each slide, or the sum of multiple slides widths (depending on how many you want to display at the same time), must add up to the width of the slider.

If your slide width is not a factor of the slider, there is a bug in the calculation of the Webflow slider and thus some slides may appear skipped as Webflow “calculates” that they are already shown (or partially shown).

However, there is a way to achieve what you want to do - by displaying a teaser of the next slide. This is only known to the Webflow experts.

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Read-only to a project with just the slider - same issue @gilson



(on the side note, there are FB comments embedded in the slides but I noticed their loading speed is HORRIBLE, is anybody aware of a faster embedding option? :D)