Why can't I use "more images" in my product template?

I’m trying to create a slider on my product template that will show multiple images of each product. The problem is that webflow will only allow me to use “main image” and is not giving any option in the dropdown to use “more images” even though I have uploaded more images to each of my products.


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When you display the multi-image field, you’re actually displaying a list of images rather than a singular image—so you’ll need to use a Collection List element and tie it to your multi-image field before you can tie any of the individual images to one of the mult-images:

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I need help with the same issue.
I selected more images but they’re not showing up.

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The image isn’t showing up because you haven’t added it yet — dragging an image element into the Collection Item will allow you to tie that to the field in your CMS. This (and so much more) is covered in the Webflow University, so if you haven’t already I’d strongly recommend you read and/or watch the awesome (free) content that’s available:

In the future, if you run into issues and a solved thread doesn’t help answer your question it’s always best to create a new topic. I just happened to stumble on this since I had replied here already, but some folks ignore new posts in topics that are marked “Solved”.

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