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Why can't I see any hover effects on the canvas and only in preview mode?

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Hey @jahid_hasan welcome to the forum community.

Hover effects are only visible on the canvas by selecting an element and enabling the hover state. As you stated, it is necessary to go into Preview mode to live preview hover effects.

As for updates, our team is constantly improving the product on a daily and weekly basis in addition to the larger feature releases. Hopefully this answers your questions.

I know. but how there I can see the hover effect on the canvas by hovering the cursor on the element? and I have seen this also in my file a few days ago. but now I can only see a blue border! not the content. ( this image is from a video tutorial )

The same is happening to me. In the tutorial I’m watching the effects are displayed both in canvas mode and in preview but in my use this doesn’t happen. Effects are only displayed in preview mode :frowning: