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WHY can't I center these elements

Hi Webflow,

I have been stuck for over a day with this section not centering… I have to be doing something wrong unless it’s a bug. I’ve rebuilt and reorganized the section a few times and it still won’t center the content. All other sections will center… Unfortunately I can’t share site screenshot as the brand hasn’t launched yet but here is how my layers look. Right now I have ‘Intro top’ set to flexbox with align: center, justify:center. I’ve gone thru and tried to set every element to center as well but it is still hugging the left margin… Any ideas would be great.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 5.28.42 PM


My first idea is to get rid of columns. Use div’s with flexbox or grid. Floats are old school.

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Auto margin is my guess but the link isn’t working for me.

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Sorry I don’t have a link (client confidential). The margins are set to 100 on each left and right.

Have you tried auto?