Who can colaborate doing this


Trying to take this BIG CANVAS
The “cursor or mouse” 3D Animation with an avatar
The 3d animations looking 2D & 3D

Is this an actual Webflow site ? Is this your site or do you want to reproduce something like this ?

What are you actually looking for ? a 3D artist ? A dev ?

Same question, what exactly are you trying to achieve and what’s the website you’re building this for?

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Hello, many thanks for answer…
Is this an actual Webflow site ?
No, this is for a client and this is a reference.

Is this your site or do you want to reproduce something like this ?
I want to publish something like this

Developing an energized Wellness Home environment.
Multi-language platform: ESP, ENG, FRA & DUTCH

At the beginning, a form should appear to make a login, with name, telephone email and if you know any reference of the Brand.

Your authentication should reach your email to start.

Full rendering of a fantasy, universe-like environment.

Where will appear as in the example, (SDU - Future Education) some scenes-sections.

Each section is a type of energy, it will be 6 sections
These will be numbered to suggest the way forward for the user.

Each section should have an animation about:

  • Rest

  • Hydration

  • Illumination

  • Breathing

  • Food

  • Protection

  • Animations like those in the reference, lasting 5-8 seconds, when arriving at each scene-section.

On the avatar (Mouse-cursor) with 360 view like the one in the reference

Each of these sections will be represented as an electron of an atom with its ellipse.

In each section the user will be able to:

  • Play a standard video

  • Mark in a Check box, once you have seen the video.

  • You can visit the next section.

  • In each section the human figure will appear within an atom, while each section is visited, its battery must be filled.

Once you have completed the visit of the 6 sections
It will take you to a 7 section where it will give you congratulations for completing the visit and will offer you:

  • Know more.
  • Include the discount code of an affiliate (Type of recommendation of Invite to use UBER)
  • Generate a discount code for a QR or text store.

The login data and the referral affiliate data are sent by mail to the client to be used at their discretion.

Thanks for this detailed infos @ernestorubio

For which area do you need help for that project ? 3D design and animation / integration on website / everything ???

Hi, I need
Everything, thanks

Hi @ernestorubio , I’ll send you a DM