White telephone text becomes blue in ipad and iphone

Could somebody help me? I have done the telephone numbers white, but in Ipad and Iphone view it is blue, and that is the same color as the block of the buttom of the site , so you can’t see the telephone number on Ipad or mobile view? please se my video
How do I change this to be white telephone text on every devices?
Thank you so much

Hey @neanea6060 , can you please share the read-only link for your project?

It looks like a Link Block styling issue. You may have to set the Link Block text color to white in Mobile mode. This is my general fix but it would be better to take a look once you share the read-only link.

Here is a read only link

You have to look at it on the phone and Ipad (not through computer)

Hey @neanea6060 , I have tested the published link in my phone (Chrome on Android) and I do not see any design issues. What browser do you see your issues in?

BTW: the link I have tried is the following


I have testet several Iphone 6 and 8. And also several Ipad. And it don’t works there?
Why does it don’t work on Apple’s products?