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White space underneath footer

Hi webflowers,

I’ve scoured the webflow forum for the same issue but none of the solutions seem to work.

There is a considerable amount of white space below my footer on just one page (contact page) of the website.

Can someone look into this please? Thanks very much!

Hi @Duncan_Anderson I do not see any whitespace under the footer

It’s fine in preview mode but when I tried opening in browser (chrome/firefox) the problem occurs

So could you share your published URL?

And here is a screenshot on my end as to what I’m seeing.

What device and orientation are you seeing this issue on?

I’m seeing the extra white space on my ViewSonic 22" monitor.

On my MacBook air it’s not appearing however.

Any thoughts? Thanks for helping out Jeff - I really appreciate it.

Set the background of the body to that peachy color ( background-color: #eeb597;
), set the body (all body elements) to display:flex and flex-direction:column. On the footer set the margin top to auto.

I believe there is a video in the university (sticky footer I think) that covers this.

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