White Space on Top of Page on Mobile View, Horizontal Scroll, and Text Issue

I have a white space appearing on the top of my page on mobile view that I cannot get rid of.

My horizontal scroll under the Latest Videos section on the homepage also does not appear on mobile. How do I get it to appear on mobile just like on desktop / tablet?

On the programs page, the text for “Kids Classes” section seems to be bolded on mobile, but everything is saying it the weight is regular in Webflow. How can I fix this?

Lastly, how can I make the “+” sign for each value under “Our Values” turn red on hover? I have it set and all the hover effects works except the “+” turning to red.

Here is my site Read-Only: REMOVED

I have a similar issue on one-percent-for-the-planet.webflow.io

On mobile, pages like our homepage and Become a 1% for the Planet Member | Join the movement have a gap at the top while Ways to Support the Environment | 1% for the Planet does not. I cannot figure out why. There are no differences in the nav bar padding or margin or body padding or margin between pages.