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White space on the right side on mobile view

Hi community,

I have a problem with the tablet/mobile breakpoint of my website. I´ve probably read every single topic regarding this problem and followed the instructions, but nothing helped.
My problem is that my website on tablet and mobile view is not “fixed” on the side so that if you swipe left and right at any point of the page, a white space is showing on each side.

Here is my read only link:

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi feel welcome :webflow_heart:

First I want to thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

I found that the troubles came from column 2 and section 9 - see the video attach. I didnt check yet why is it happen, anyway that would be great If you’ll fix it by yourself, if not - don’t hesitate to reach out.

I did it! Thanks for your help @shokoaviv, your hint was a great indicator for the problem.
The solution was to set every section to overflow: hidden.

Thank you for taking the time to help :slight_smile: