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Which social chatroom do you use?

Hello mate,

I am back again into this community. And I would like to know which social chatroom do you use? I have 2 websites. Both are product related. I would like to answer my customers queries instantly. So, looking for a chatroom so that I can talk with lots of people a time. Does anyone know about a reliable chatroom? Though I personally found a social chatroom like- “ChatWing” It’s start with $14 per month. I can chat with lots of people at a time abut 1000 users, Even I can banned people, redesign my personal chatroom, send private message is also possible by using this “ChatWing” chatroom.

Do you have any better ideas about a social chat? Please let me know.

I have Rocket Chat on one of my Dating Sites… but not a webflow site

Its free, but not so easy to set up… the guys at my VPS server provider handled the installation,
it is resource hungry but works well.

Has Chat, Video Chat and a Help Chat you can enable

I would think in a webflow site you would need it on a URL you can link to, maybe someone else knows more about that, I’m just a designer, my programming skills are poor at best…:grinning:

This might be interesting for you. Its connected to Slack, which I think is pretty useful.

There’s another one that I#ve seen quite often lately but I cant remember the name right now.

I use Crisp in some of my webflow websites.
Very easy to install, just paste the code they provide on the custom code tab inside the website settings :slight_smile:

You can try it (and use it) for free, if you want to check it out.

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