Where is: http://tutorials.webflow.com/full-width-slider

Hi, if you click the link http://tutorials.webflow.com/full-width-slider, it is redirecting to http://help.webflow.com/courses
after a few seconds.
Could you please repair the link or tell me the new link to the full-width-slider-tutorial?

Thx, Michael.

I couldn’t find video, but there is FAQ topic http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-to-make-a-fullscreen-slider-in-webflow

Thank you very much, Anna. Very interesting.
But I am still looking for the video tutorial, which is a little bit more detailed.
I have seen the tutorial three weeks ago, but the link seems to be broken now. I hope somebody will repair it soon.


Is somebody of the staff or of the support team looking into this forum sometimes?
Who is responsible for the problem of broken links?
Maybe the support or an administrator is able to repair this link?
I am waiting since seven days now for a response …

So, please, where is http://tutorials.webflow.com/full-width-slider ???

Hi @MichaelH ! Here is the link to the video here: https://vimeo.com/92002947

We removed it because it is using the older interface - but much of the concept is the same!

Thanks again - Mat

Thank you, Mat. That helps me a lot. Michael.

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