Where do you guys & gals get your Icons

Any idea where you can obtain decent icons - flat or not.

Prefer an application where I can create my own icons.

Hiring graphic designers gets to be a bit expensive.

I found an application called Iconion that allows you to create png files from icons

  1. but contact with the authors is sporadic
  2. there aren’t that many icons
  3. you cannot add more icon files

Their (Iconion’s) concept is nice. Implementation hasn’t worked out to well.

Among the one I use, there’s the cons from Webalys: Minicons, Streamline icons… I edit them and modify them in Illustrator and Sketch. I gather them into icon fonts for Webflow using their service Fontastic.

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Are you on mac? Get Fontprep. I use it all the time. You can make your own icons from any vector based software (AI, Coreldraw, etc). Corel works great, don’t get me wrong. AI is also good. So export your drawings to .svg and drag it into fontprep and it would give you all the web based version of your font icludding .ttf, otf, woff, svg, then you can install into WF as a custom font.

I also use a web library of icons here: flaticon.com if you need already built icons of any design flat, outlines, etc. You can export it as svg and drag into fontprep.

If you are not on a mac, you can use flaticon rich library set and sign up free at icomoon.com. Icomoon would generate web fonts from your imported svg file. If you have more question, don’t hesitate.

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thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about either one… webalys or icomoon.

I’ve use flaticon before… was hoping the iconion’s app would allow more access to free icons :frowning:

maybe they (iconion) are not ready for “the show”

an app that takes free icons and lets you pick and choose the icons you want - and creates pangs for each.

good idea though.

Hey all, my agency has a side project that’s an icon site like these. (I’ll avoid naming it twice in this forum because I don’t want to be “that guy”.)

We decided to go all-in on SVG, so only support download of .svg files. We’ve had conflicting requirements on making these files useful to web developers (who want to use CSS to modify them) and designers (who want them to cleanly import into tools such as Adobe Illustrator which cannot deal with embedded class styling).

We’ve considered offering javascript “injection” packages, but it’s not clear how often these are used.

So I’d love to hear what you’ve found works and doesn’t work for SVG file formats!