Where do I find full website designs?

I wanna simulate a situation where I, as a developer, is handed a full design of a website (ideally with multiple pages). The purpose is to practice building in webflow and also get comfortable looking at mockups/wireframes or whatever the terminology is.
I had a look at Figma community but most of what I find are templates for designing in Figma. What I’m looking for is examples of the end product that would typically land on a developer’s desk - I am aware that this can vary heavily in fidelity, so let’s say high fidelity.
Can anyone point me to a resource for this?

I usually practice by recreating things I see on the web. Even if I don’t have the original assets (videos, images, logos etc) I just use stock photos and other free assets.

Here’s a list to help challenge you :slight_smile:

Have fun! :smiley:

Thanks Nelson,
This is my plan b :slight_smile:
However, I’m still curious to see examples of full website designs from Figma, Sketch or simlar, if anyone else can point me to that…