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Where can i acticate the background grid layout?

Hey Guys!

Please tell me where to find these buttons:

I want to activate the background grid like this in Xd:

In my webflow-designer i only find these buttons:

I googled a lot, couldn´t find the answer. Now i count on this awesome community here :smile:

Thank you for your tipps in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - test

hi @Yulez040 there was elements shift on GUI longtime ago but I can’t find any compact article explaining what was changed and where is now accessible. But your requested 960 grid is accessible when you click on dimensions next to viewports.

Ok, this helps already! Thank u very much :slight_smile:

hi @Yulez040 if you don’t need any further help with your request feel free to close this issue by checking any response as solution.