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Where are the pictures I upload to my CMS pages stored? And the "< >" icon is blank?


I am currently trying to understand how to make blog posts via the CMS. I just learned that Webflow allows 100 static pages, but does allow for some customization on CMS pages. I have tested a few things out, and I notice I am able to add photos into a blog post from my desktop. I have a few questions.

  1. Can I just add images into my Assets folder into the CMS page I am creating?
  2. Because I am on a free account I notice that the “< >” icon is blocked out. Is this for custom html/css? If so, this might help answer #1 because I can just use hrefs to pull my image files from where they are hosted by Webflow.

Thank you. Sorry if these questions have been answered. I just haven’t been able to find this, and when I click on the “<>” icon, it brings me to the price page and doesn’t tell me what the icon is supposed to do…

  • Peter