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Whenever I try to change the Image - Paragraph sequence to fit the vertical layout in mobile it screws with my vertical desktop layout. What can i do?


I am really struggling with getting my first website live. I have these elements where the picture is on the left and the paragraph is on the right. Then it switches and then for the third one it’s like the first one again.

In mobile view I want to it flow horizontally, which works. However, the order is screwed and I can’t seem to find a way that works on both screen sizes at the same time.

I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

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Hi @fredj32, you should be able to use the Flexbox Order property to set your ‘Div Block 5’ class to either ‘First’ or ‘Last’ for the mobile breakpoints – depending on whether you want the text above or below the image.

Hi Fredj32,

As far as I understand you have a felxbox with these two elements on each row. What you are looking for is the reverse property. When you are in mobile select the reverse property and it will bring your image above.reverse .
hope it helps


Dritan! You are the king! This was what I needed. Amazing!
Have a fantastic day!