When you have a moment look at this

When you have a moment look at this.

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I actually enjoyed how you presented your site. Unique and slightly different. Keep it up!

Nice, there’s a style.

You may want to check if you can’t optimise the fonts. Maybe too heavy, maybe too many variants for a given font…

Also, images. Your header image is several megs, could be under 100ko http://cl.ly/image/1G2V1T0f0F0v Try photoshop, export for the web set at jpeg 51
Same for the others, 900k, could be 10 http://cl.ly/image/1F0f0f442C1w

Edit ho and if you center the text, center the title too. And maybe a little margin after the last text bloc http://cl.ly/image/3t0J1F031k23

I also found this for optimizing fonts: http://creatiface.com/tips/optimize-web-fonts