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Whatsapp message notification

How can we get the WhatsApp message notification on new form submission. we have site plan with webflow.

Kindly help me out this,

For that you need WhatsApp API integration or you can use our WhatsApp Widget.

Our widget enables forms that you can add to your site and get a notification every time there is a submission. This is a great way to capture leads. You can view a live demo in our site

Thank you!!

I am interested in this topic. it helps me to integrate whatsapp on my websites, waiting for more specific instructions from everyone to be able to receive regular notifications on fmwhatsapp app.

Nice!! Great. you can also check and download GB WhatsApp for this purpose.

With WhatsApp Aero, when a new form is submitted, you will immediately receive a new notification. Download the application at Whatsapp Aero

Only in the GB WA app, you will get this feature.

First check your WhatsApp settings->notification settings options. If this method didn’t work, check this site.

Speaking of Whatsapp, you can check some interesting Whatsapp Mods Like GBWhatsapp Apk or FMWhatsapp Apk.