What is the New Forum Font

Has the font for the forum changed ?

I like it. It’s kind of “squar-ish”.

What’s the font name ?

ah… it appears to be Apple System Regular.

where can you get the font ?

Google doesn’t have it.

If you are on a Windows system like me, most likely you won’t see any change.

Im guessing its a system font meaning its using your systems fonts?

I haven’t checked my Windows 10 system yet…
on the it looks a little like Helvetica… but it’s not an exact match.

I can get the font name for the post titles and text… but not for the word “Forum” near the top.

Not sure why

oh… I’m missing my torso and legs.

The default system font for a mac is Lucinda Grande I think… if I remember correctly.

It does look like Lucinda Grande - but like Helvetica - it’s a little different.

Here you go… https://daks2k3a4ib2z.cloudfront.net/52b1d97cd25933e36e000134/58897ed24d6e6fd42125550c_1main-forum-logo%402x.png

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oh… I am such a nimnutt.

Here I am… trying to get the font name and it’s an image :slight_smile:

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