What is the direct link to a tab that is not an active tab on that page?

I have an about us page. With different tabs. The active tab is about us. But I want to make a specific link to another tab that is not active, called vacancies. So I can use this in newsletters and stuff.

What would be the direct link to that?

Is that helpful?


I have been looking for a solution to this problem, to work on my e-commerce site. Will this help me there?

Nah, it doesn’t work @vincent can u help, I followed all the instructions.

Shared link is this: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wedowe?preview=29e2c3714ef52ba50a39515a3723699d

And this link should point to vacancies, but it doesnt: http://wedowe.webflow.io/about-us?tab=vacancies

any help is appreciated @sabanna @cyberdave

Then tab-link to that particular tab should have class (or comboclass) vacancies, which you don’t have.

Also, I hope you didn’t forget to add script to the “footer” part of custom code area.

I did do both @sabanna before you posted this? So I dont understand.

Your custom JavaScript code is not wrapped in <script></script> tags. I have modified the linked tutorial post to include that.

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