Weird "No Items Found" message in the middle of my design


Ok, hold on because I have no idea if I can explain this in an easy way! :slight_smile:

I have a gallery space in Stockholm. When there is an exhibition running, I want to show the exhibition poster. When there is no exhibition, I want to show a slideshow of the space, along with an announcement of the next exhibition. Please see photos.

“Home - Present Exhibition” has a higher Z-value so it overrides “Home - Future Exhibition Announcement”.

When “Home - Present Exhibition” is on, there is no problem. I see the poster, and I guess “Home - Future Exhibition Announcement” is underneath, covered by the poster design.

BUT, when I turn off “Home - Present Exhibition”, so “Home - Future Exhibition Announcement” becomes visible, I get the two messages that you can see. (Not sure why the two messages are alternating.)

When I press the Eye symbol to make “Home - Present Exhibition” go away, then the messages disappear as well.

I’ve been trying to figure it out for 16 hours now, so if anyone can help, I’ll be super grateful!

All the best,

Hi Mateus, can you share your readonly link?

No items found generally relates to a collection list which contains no results. You can edit and hide that state-specific message, but it sounds like you have some other complexities as well. Would be good to see the site itself.

Sure! Here you go!

Sure! Here you go!

I’ve tried to add it two times now, but the message seems to be removed
 let’s see if it works a third time

That worked perfect! Thank you so much! Videos are the way to go; so easy to follow.

It unveiled another problem :slight_smile: Even though “Home - Present Exhibition” is not active, and I see “Home - Future Exhibition Announcement”, somehow “Home - Present Exhibition” is blocking “Home - Future Exhibition Announcement”'s menu and clickable logo. I know this because if I change “Home - Future Exhibition Announcement”'s Z-value to be the highest, then the menu and the logo are both clickable. Same goes if I activate the eye-symbol for “Home - Present Exhibition”.

Might you have the answer for that too? :pray:

(PS I tried to upload a film sequence but what format do you use? I saved in all formats I can come up with)

I use Loom, it’s a great communication tool.

Can’t guess enough about your site design or goals without really digging in, but both of your DIVs are set to position fixed, full screen.

Present Exhibition is on top ( z-index 20, v. 10 )

Even if the collection list is empty, the div encapsulates it, so it will still exist and still be on top.

You could put that div inside of the collection list possibly, so that it’s conditional with the content. If you do that, I’d set the collection list to Limit items = 1 just be certain you never have a weird competition situation with multiple current exhibitions.

Ok, great, will check it out.

I ended up having to rebuild quite a lot. I think the approach to bulk a lot of functions into the same Collection Lists and Div Boxes was the problem, so I made a solution where they had as few functions as possible. It doesn’t look as tidy but might be a bit more pedagogical, on top of actually working now :slight_smile:

But I had good use of your “hidden”-advice. Thanks so much again!