Website look buggy in Safari

Hi! My site is loading fine on some chrome browsers but looks really wonky when I open it up on Safari. Wondering if anyone knows what’s going on?

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @airhouse Have tested on your live page on all major browsers without any noticeable issues.

Do not understand as I do have one Chrome browser. Do you test on Canary or… ? if yes → Why?

Anyway here are some notes.

All websites performance is in majority related to images. In your case you can take focus to optimise yours as eg. you first image is 1200px !?! but your container is 600px max on 2400px screen (27" monitor) . When you set explicit size 700px doesn’t mean that will load smaller image, it still will load 0.5mb image and that is a lot. You can also try different formats but WF has some issues with WebP.

Another thing is to check your responsiveness.

here are some examples using different formats and algorithms.

Hi @Stan! This is what I’m seeing. I inherited the website from a coworker who has recently left the company so I’m not sure why they designed it the way it’s currently designed/developed.



hi @airhouse I have absolute opposite experience. Here is video checking your website in all browsers I’m testing my code with.