Website layout/body is shifting to the left on mobile display

Hi, my website on mobile is shifted to the left side, leaving empty white space on the sides. This error only happens on mobile and not any other display type. Also, on mobile, I can move the layout to the left and right, it is not static. How can I fix it? Thanks. [Read Only Link]: (

Following because I’m having the same issue and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

On mobile breakpoint select Body and apply overflow:hidden @k34shah

By the way real issue is with title--2 heading, there are too much negative margin and padding on this just remove all padding and margin from it, then you don’t need to do overflow hidden, overflow hidden is just a quick fix

Hey so I’ve made the changes but when I put the website in stagging and I put overflow hidden on the body I’m unable to scroll and there is a still a big gap. Here is the read me again, not sure what to do now?

Ok Revert the change, remove overflow hidden from body and fix this h1 heading

Remove extra padding and margin in mobile breakpoint. @k34shah