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Website jumping to the middle section first, then moving to the first section on the first-time load

Hi! When I am loading my website for the first time, it is first loading the middle section first for like 3 sec and then going to the first section of the page. I am not able to resolve this problem and I don’t have any forms on my website. Please help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @sukshri,

Welcome to the Webflow Community.

Can you share a ‘Read-Only’ link to your project, that way other Webflowers will be able to see how you’ve constructed things and where the issues may be caused.

Here How:


Hi. Here’s my read-only link.

HI @sukshri,

Thanks for your link.

Can you confirm if the issue is still occurring?

I have tested the live site and your preview site and neither seem to have he issue?


Hi knk,

Issue is still there. I have no idea what’s happening.



yes, I tried again and could see the issue.

Can you try these settings to see if any change.


HI knk,

I tried all the settings that you suggested, the same issue still exists.