Website Issues on mobile devices

Hello. This is my website:

When I check it on safari on my ipad I don’t see the navbar and the slider doesn’t autoplay. It does when I check on chrome though.

On my android phone I see a problem with one of the navbars. There are 2 navbars and one of them has a larger width and makes the page wider than it is supposed to be. You can see it by moving the screen horizontally and you will see navbar that is showing wider. I don’t see how to fix it or why it’s showing that way.

Also when I click on the button on the lower right corner and the contact form pops open it shows the success message below the submit button. It should not show but I don’t know why it does and how to fix it.

Thanks all.

Here is my public share link:

Nevermind. I found a way to work it out. Thanks!!!

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