Website domain from Webflow is not connecting to the Netlify


Some Details:
I connected Web-flow with Netlify a month ago. Everything seemed to be working fine. We deployed changes to the website and they were reflecting properly as well.

Since yesterday, one of the domains in webflow started to give an error of removing AAA record from DNS provider: “You’ll need to remove the AAAA record from your DNS settings to ensure your site loads properly.”

I removed the A records linked to the website from netlify and added new ones given on webflow but it still gives the same error and I’m unable to deploy any changes to the website from webflow.

Followed the instructions here as well but no use: Connecting a custom domain — Webflow tutorial - YouTube

Basically what I have observed is that the domain keeps on connecting and disconnecting :disappointed_relieved:

I would be super grateful if I can get help to solve this issue. :pray:t2: