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Hi all,

Frustrating issue here…We’ve created a new site up at that displays fine on desktops and mobile devices (well, smartphones) but NOT on iPads…at all. When going to the website, it does not load but displays a blank white page. Have persisted in reloading and waiting but nothing happens…

Any ideas are very gratefully received as this is very annoying as you can prob imagine! :slight_smile:



Hello @YouMeTime,

Sorry but it looks like it’s not a Webflow site.
Rebuilding this kind of site would be easy on Webflow and wouldn’t include frustration at all on the responsive part :slight_smile:
I’m sure you understand we can’t help you with your problem since it’s not a Webflow bug.
Be sure you ll find help from our awesome community if you consider rebuilding it.


That’s a wix site… not a webflow site.

Also there doesn’t appear to be any no pre-load content.

Everything seems to be loaded via json. Which is post-load.

I think this site will have some difficulty ranking in search engines.

@itbrian40 - take a look at this.

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Yeah, there are problems here… the low hanging fruit:

  • 42 page titles, 25 duplicates, 16 over 65 characters

  • 42 Meta Descriptions, 24 duplicates, 16 over 156 characters

  • 42 h1 tags, 2 are missing, 37 are duplicates, 11 over 70 characters

  • 42 h2 tags, all empty.

  • Over 85% of the images are missing ALT tags.

  • The background (hero?) video is at full opacity, which rarely tests well.

  • The background video is not the best… the loop is too obvious and breaks in motion when going to close up and that is jarring me out of reading the copy.

  • The copy over the video speaks of "living for the moment" and then speaks of: “health, lifestyle, fitness and relationships to your home, hobbies, leisure as well as travel, technology, fashion and the work-life balance!” which carries less focus the more you read it and in somewhat contrary to “living in the moment” because it suggests looking at the longevity of your life. Make up my mind and shorten that intro copy and make it larger.

  • The layout and format is not the best… very generic. Where are the colors that would suggest having a more vibrant life? Seems lazy.

I didn’t need to go any deeper that this… I think you and everyone else covered the other issues.

There are a some easy fixes here. In the current state, I (too) doubt that it will rank well. There is nothing new or fresh happening here… dull and sleepy (IMHO) considering the context of the site and what they could do with the design when considering the subject matter. Feels like no one is trying. Kinda sad, really.

My 2¢.

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@itbrian40 shots fired :joy:

@YouMeTime Why don’t you give webflow a spin? Choose one of webflows awesome templates and get cracking. If you get stuck, you will always find help here. Did you know there are also hundreds of articles and many videos on webflow about designing and creating your website in no time?

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Karl, they weren’t direct shots, they were just “over the bow”. :wink:

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