Website breaking when exporting?

Hey all! A bit of a weird one but when I export the code from my website it seems to break the layout ENTIRELY.

I have never had this issue before and I was just wondering where you would suggest to start looking?

Website when exported:

Website when in webflow:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

Hello @Harry_Roper1 is your problem only happening with your navbar? Also, did you minified your code before exporting?

Hey Pablo. Most of the page layout is broken. I have not minified the code on export

Ok, so, on the code export, are you seeing some unusual characters like “” with nothing in between? If you do try typing something and then deleting it. I would suggest you to try testing each part of your code too, like make a copy of your navbar, then export it see if you get the same result, maybe you can pin point if it is a HTML/CSS or Javascript issue. Also, did you paste the code on a text editor first and then exported somewhere else? some times that causes issues. I hope this helps.

THanks for your help and advice Pablo. This morning I have deleted all major components with custom code on the homepage and exported… still the same issue. I’ve manually inspected the code as well and can’t seem to find any “” apart from empty alt tags.

Starting to get a bit concerned that this is a Webflow specific problem!

@Harry_Roper1 That is weird, I have exported code in the past, and found no issues, so it could be some kind of Webflow glitch in your case, I’ve seen similar issues in the forum before. You should contact Webflow support, they will be able to help you out, or better locate the issue. Good luck!

I would echo contacting Webflow support in this case, however I would just make sure that you aren’t altering the directory structure or anything of the ZIP file when extracting and uploading it. If so, it could be missing some CSS, which is what your image looks like to me.

Additionally, my web host has by default some proprietary caching feature enabled, and it can break new sites for me, so I have to disable it or clear the cache to get the site to propagate fully. Could this be an issue for you?

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