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Webpage won't scroll :(

Come on, I’m missing something. It’s 12:30am and I’m stuck.

Webpage only scrolls in full width, anything else and it’s stuck.

Hi, you shared your private project link. You need to share your external public link, which you can get from site settings page, then we can take a look :smile:


Sorry bout that.

So I had overflow set to hidden on the smaller views.

Hi, no problem… well that is a strange problem you have. Although I do not know what the answer is to why it is happening, I can tell you two recommendations which might be having to an effect on your site… first, you have about 10 or more javascripts all being loaded in the head of the page, and where possible, you should put those in the page using custom code in the Before Body tag section of the page… now there might be some scripts you can load in the head section as you have now, but I think you need to most if not all of those javascript loading calls to the Before Body tag section of the custom code panel in site settings. In addition, ALL your scripts are being called via https. Each time you use https, it will slow down your site… but that alone I do not think is the problem… I would try re-arrange your javascript include files that are now in the header, and put those in the before body tag section of the custom code settings panel, try that and then report what your result is…

the problem might be related to your overall page layout…not sure, but something to look at… I see you have used containers to separate all your headings, paragraphs etc, so you have a container on page for almost every element. You should not need so many containers, you can accomplish same thing on page by using just a few containers…

Anyway, try moving the javscript to the end of the file, and see if that helps … Cheers

  1. The access link is no longer valid.
  2. If this is the site: then there are no links in the menu given.

Here is the quick tutorial on how to create those kind of menus :slight_smile: