WebP Support announced on WordPress

So WordPress just announced WebP support:

@webflow : your move!?

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It’s not a modern format though is it? What does it do other than play nice with the walled garden of iOS?

It’s fairly widely supported nowadays (~95% support according to caniuse.com)—although MacOS is limited to only users on Big Sur (v11.0+):


That said, most implementations still fallback to normal JPG for older browsers, so there’s really no reason not to have support for it.

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Well at least webp images are supported in the discourse forum. I use it often here. I have also been using it on Webflow sites by leveraging IMGIX and Cloudinary which can dynamically provide that type of asset based on browser support. The pain is having to use custom code to do it. I would think that Webflow would have a significant financial incentive to make it so since they have to pay for bandwidth. Hopefully it comes sooner than later to WF. Wait and see I guess.