Webp > Images lost / deleted? WTF


about 1 week ago I converted all JPGs to Webp images in our agency using the “Compress function” in Webflow. In the agency all images were displayed, also on the site.

Now, a week later, I open our Webflow page here in the home office and see that virtually no images are displayed anymore. Then in the image pool I see that all webp images seem to be missing and have a question mark. They are also no longer displayed on the page.

I could really freak out about something like this. What is going on here @Webflowsupport please explain it to me before I now have to completely relink all the images ( website, blog etc.) I am really pissed off as I actually wanted to do something else today.


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Most likely you are using a browser that does not support Web images, thus images can’t be rendered. Options include restoring the project, upgrading the OS to a version that supports Webp, or installing a browser that does and using that.

A more laborious process would be to upload original assets and set them as active. You could instead choose to use an Image CDN like Cloudinary using custom code that auto delivers the right image based on device and type support. That is harder to do on Webflow since you can only use custom IMG src values when in a code block.

Hi Jeff,

thanks for your message. I have now changed my system from OSX Catalina to OSX Monterey. With this the pictures are displayed again.

This brings me personally something but unfortunately not the users who go for example with Catalina on our site (or other systems that do not display Webp yet) and then see no images.

I have already written directly to Webflow support and expressed my displeasure. I think the procedure is pretty bad, to put it really kindly.

Can I then see in the webflow backup what else I have done since the image conversion? Is it possible to see that? That might be a better alternative - to load up an older page version to have the JPGs etc in there again. Anyway, this way the web function makes no sense at all.


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Webflow’s backup/restore does not have atomic versioning. So nope.

As for Webp, I have not converted any sites and would not recommend doing so unless you know your audience. I have implemented fallbacks on some that were image-heavy.

Most of what I build is B2B and B2C so I have to take extra care to make sure not to alienate any potential client customers. This is reminiscent of moving to CSS Grid from Flexbox, or before that from floats. When IE was sunsetted it freed developers to push forward. Since there are alternative browsers available on most OS platforms, there is a way forward for most.

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I have restored the page from a backup and am now waiting until Webflow offers a more elegant way to do this, along with a fallback.