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Webhook not being triggered on single page publish

we want to use the CMS api for writing data to a collection item field, but it does not look like the webhook is triggered on “site publish” with the new “single page publish” update.

Please advice


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @biodust thank you so much for posting this! I’m looping in @nathan
Are you referring to single item publish events?

Thanks, @Waldo.
Yes, I’m referring to single item publish. See attachment.

Gotcha! The site publish webhook is only triggered by a full site publish (from any place, editor, designer, or dashboard), not individual CMS items.

However I can imagine having a webhook event for new CMS item creation would also be quite useful, I will bring it up internally with the rest of the team and see what other people think.


Thanks for reaching out, @nathan
Ok…cause with the new way of publishing content, you seldom end up doing"full site publish", so webhook on single page publish would be great. Much needed in our case.

We are using Google Geocoding to write long and lat back to CMS field. It would be perfect if this could happen when our client adds a new store location to the CMS.

@biodust, did you ever find a workaround? I’m in the same situation right now where I need some sort of a trigger whenever a new CMS item is created.

@nathan How did that meeting go? :wink:

@SiavashVJ , we did not find a good solution. Sorry. The webhooks in Webflow are still very limited. Really don’t understand we they have not expanded the Webflow API and webhook universe. It would be such a nice addition to an already awesome tool.