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Webflow's website on homepage - does it exist?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the website on Webflow’s homepage exists? The website that has an ‘M’ with circle as a logo, photos in a grid layout with likes, a search bar.

Very neat website, would love to see how it’s made with the like feature and search feature…

Hi @julienoora,

Which one are you referring to? Can you take a screenshot with a circle drawn around it?

I think he is referring to this one:

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Hi @julienoora, if you are looking for the website that @zackete_de has mentioned I would look for it in the Webflow Templates.

Although, this does look like a website made more for ‘show’ by Webflow rather than to be a template so I do not guarantee it will be there. :wink:

Oh! I didn’t realize it only displays on mobile view :sweat_smile:

A quick search for site:webflow manifesto gave this as the third link: This is probably an old page that is not linked directly from the home page or navigation menu, that’s why it was difficult to find.

For the Webflow website’s preview link, see this forum post:

Opening the preview link, you can find one of the page’s slug (url) is cms-website. The preview seems to be cut off as the height is fixed. You can easily see the entire screen by increasing the height of lp-feature to about 1000px.

This is not an actual website, but an animation created to showcase Webflow. However, it can definitely be recreated.

How would you create that likes system then for each photo or CMS post?

I know the search field item would have to be a plug in?


I recommend you try LikeBtn via custom code.


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