Webflow Workshops - Getting started in the web design industry - Mike Locke

This week’s workshop will be all about getting into the web design industry and learning from Mike Locke’s experiences.

Michael Locke is an instructor, designer, brand developer and creative leader specializing in all areas of the web. He has over 15 years of web design experience with high proficiency in front-end web development (XHTML/CSS), UI/UX design, brand development, internet marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, photography, SEO concepts and traditional print design among other things.

See you guys at 10am (pacific) Tuesday :slightly_smiling:


I saw this guy on YouTube like a month ago talking about how he recently discovered Webflow and enjoyed using the tool. :+1:

Stream starts in about 1.5 hours. Hope to see you guys in the chat room! :smiley: