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Webflow Workshop #116 - Creating a better mobile user experience

Join us Tuesday, March 20th at 10am (pacific)
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Most users interact with your websites on their mobile devices. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to design and build a better user experience. We’ll create different types of mobile-friendly menu buttons with scroll interactions.


Your body better be ready for over 9,000 questions about Webflow Ecommerce, brother.

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:laughing: my body is ready for Webflow ecommerce. But question about ecommerce should be asked here:

or at the next Q&A with @callmevlad (April 3, 2018)


I’m going to post this in show and tell once it’s finished, but I’m almost done on a new site where I’ve tried to make the mobile experience a lot easier than any of my other sites…

So I look forward to some more tips, especially scroll interactions.


here is the clonable project. Enjoy :slight_smile: